SEACHA at COP28: “Climate and Urban Culture: Asian Perspectives”

This is a panel discussion of senior experts on topics related to climate change as it is directly related to human interaction and behavior, especially in the context of this urban century. Human behavior and ethics shape climate catastrophe responses. This discussion will emphasize the ethical connection between climate and human behavior towards nature using actual cases from Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. Through the discussion, we hope that the audience will understand the importance of culture and ethics in the conservation and preservation of our natural, cultural, and urban environments, and by that, influence their mindsets.

Watch the full presentations from “Climate and Urban Culture: Asian Perspectives” on the Indonesia Pavilion’s YouTube live recording featured below, starting at minute 04:30:42.


Ms. Moe Moe Lwin

Moe Moe Lwin was trained in architecture and received an M.Sc in Urban Planning from the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. She practiced as an architect for over 22 years, and has volunteered in professional affairs for nearly 20 years. She is currently the Director of Yangon Heritage Trust, an independent non-profit organization working to promote and protect Yangon’s unique heritage, since it was founded in 2012 and is the Vice-Chairperson of the Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Alliance.


Dr. Catrini Pratihari Kubontubuh

Dr. Catrini Partihari Kubontubuh received her bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Institut Teknologi Bandung, her master’s degree from Department of Architecture of KU Leuven, Belgium, and doctoral degree from School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development from ITB. Dr. Catrini is currently the Chairperson of The Indonesian Heritage Trust based in Jakarta and Chairperson of Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Alliance based in Bangkok. She was acknowledged as The Climate Reality Leader 2020 after her accomplishment in The Climate Reality Leadership Project Global Training 2020 led by Al Gore.  


Dr. Johannes Widodo

Dr. Johannes Widodo is the director of the Graduate Programs in Architectural Conservation at the National University of Singapore. He is an Executive Committee member of the Asian Academy for Heritage Management, jury member for UNESCO Asia Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation, and Advisor to the Executive Board of Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Alliance (SEACHA).



Ms. Kotchakorn Voraakhom

Kotcahkorn Voraakhom is a Thai landscape architect and chief executive officer of Porous City Network, a social enterprise that looks to increase urban resilience in Southeast Asia. She is also the founder of the Koungkuey Design Initiative, which works with communities to rebuild public spaces. She campaigns for more green space in cities and is a 2018 TED fellow.




Ms. Supitcha Sutthanonkul

Supitcha Sutthanonkul a SEACHA Youth Alumni and graduate of World Heritage Studies master’s program at Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany. She is interested in World Heritage, holistic heritage conservation, industrial heritage, and forestry heritage. She is a full-time researcher at Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SEAMEO SPAFA) and is working on (World) Heritage-related projects in Thailand. 


Watch the full presentations from “Climate and Urban Culture: Asian Perspectives” on the Indonesia Pavilion’s YouTube live recording featured below, starting at minute 04:30:42.

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