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SEACHA is pleased to invite you all to our next Cha-Time with SEACHA #29, “How World Heritage Sites are Countering Climate Change,” on Saturday, 20 April, at 14:00 Bangkok time. We are honored that our guest speaker will be Mr Matthew Hu of the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP).

Unlike previous Cha-Time episodes, we would like to update you that our Cha-Time format will now be a roundtable discussion via Zoom meetings rather than webinars. By this way, the audience will be invited and encouraged to openly participate with speakers and moderators.  The event will not be livestreamed but will be uploaded on SEACHA YouTube channel later on given the consent of everyone who appeared in the discussion.

At the beginning of 2024, CHP was delegated by Vanke Foundation, a very active environmental protection charity in China which was founded by Mr Wang Shi, honorary Chairman of Wanke Co., Ltd, to do research on how heritage sectors around the world are reacting to the climate change challenges. Over the past two months, Mr Matthew has been part of an effort by CHP to collect data through a small but efficient network of young Chinese scholars in a number of different countries.

At this ‘Cha-Time with SEACHA’, Mr Matthew would like to share how management of some of the Asian World Heritage Sites are responding to climate change issues. He will cover why climate change matters to the Asian heritage sector, a few case studies from Asian countries, and learnings from countries globally.

Speaker & Roundtable:

Speaker: Matthew Hu

Matthew Hu was born and raised in Beijing. He has been working on the preservation of China’s built heritage since 2006. On behalf of the Prince’s Charities Foundation (China), he completed Beijing’s first hutong museum –The Shijia Hutong Museum – in 2013. He is currently the trustee of Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP), and Co-Founder of The Courtyard Institute.


Roundtable Member: Ms. Moe Moe Lwin

Moe Moe Lwin, Director, Myanmar, of Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Alliance (SEACHA), architect and heritage preservation expert. In 2012 she joined Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT) as a founding Board of Directors and soon took a position as the Director. YHT is a non-profit organization working to protect and promote Yangon’s urban built- heritage. She is co-chair of the Working Committee on Culture@COP28.


Roundtable Member: Mr. Fauzy Ismail

Fauzy Ismail is the Singapore based Director of Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Alliance (SEACHA) and the President of the Singapore Heritage Society. He is an architect with specialization in art and architecture history and cultural heritage, and has a


Moderator: Ms Amanda Ong

Amanda Ong is an international programme officer at The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage under a fellowship from Princeton in Asia. There, she works closely with the SEACHA board as a representative of The Siam Society. She grew up in the United States and attended Columbia University for her undergraduate degree and the University of Washington for a MA in Museum Studies.

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