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The world is undergoing a language extinction crisis. Yet, not all languages are treated equally – some are more vulnerable than others. This talk will explore the relationship between climate action and endangered languages conservation. Firstly, Celia will talk about the concentration of language diversity in biodiverse areas of the world, such as Southeast Asia. These biodiverse areas are also the ones facing the most threat from climate change and entire communities speaking endangered languages risk being wiped out by climate disasters. Next, she will talk about the case for language preservation & restoration and how it can empower people, protect traditional systems of knowledge, and ultimately strengthen climate resilience.



Speaker & Moderator

Speaker: Lê Bùi Anh Thơ

Lê Bùi Anh Thơ (Celia) is a social justice advocate and an artist based in New York hailing from Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam. She currently works for the Center for Innovation in Mental Health at the City University of New York’s Graduate School for Public Health and Health Policy. Celia obtained her B.A. in Linguistics and East Asian Studies from Columbia University and is passionate about indigenous languages, queer liberation, grassroots organizing, and health justice. She has worked on these issues on local and national levels, collaborating with US civil rights and community organizations.

Moderator: Dr. Peerapat Ouysook

Dr. Peerapat is an officer at the Siamese Heritage Trust, The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage. With an academic background in the languages of Ancient Western Asia, his interest covers a broad range of topics, including archaeology, manuscript studies, as well as heritage management in politically fragile environments. At The Siam Society, his responsibilities entail advocacy and public engagement.

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