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We are pleased to inform you that Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage (SEACHA) will hold a sixty-minute talk on “The Roles of Ethnic Heritage Preservation in Protecting Water Resources in the Langbiang Plateau presented by Vo Chi Hieu on Saturday, 26 November, at 14:00 (Bangkok, GMT+7) via Zoom webinar.

Ethnic groups live peacefully with nature as they know that their lives rely on one another. However, most ethnic groups nowadays find it hard to make a living, especially in modern society. As a result, more and more groups sell their lands to private companies near the upstream Langbiang plateau in exchange for money and wish for better lives. Private businesses destroy forests, grow crops in greenhouses, use liquid and solid fertiliser, which is extremely detrimental to the upstream water resources, which nearly 60 million people whose lives rely on.

To recover and protect water resources, we need to decrease deforestation and preserve biodiversity by supporting ethnic groups to preserve their heritage. In other words, creating businesses to support ethnic people to live peacefully again with nature as they have been for hundreds of years is one of the best solutions.

Speaker will talk about his project which aims to preserve the upstream water resources in the Langbiang plateau through self-fund business models, including trekking activities, a living history museum, forest canopy wellness, and biodiversity preservation activities.

Speaker & Moderator

Speaker: Mr. Vo Chi Hieu

Vo Chi Hieu was born in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. His families are farmers for generations, so he feels the pain in what farmers faces nowadays due to climate change and unclean water. Being a part of the Liam Project offers him opportunities to take action in recovering the upstream water resources in the Langbiang plateau and supporting millions of people. John Vo is currently pursuing his Education Associate Degree at the University of the People, USA. Besides, he is also the Founder of TADE Hub Company Limited, specialising in developing EdTech products. Working with Liam Project, he committed to spreading the word of Liam Project’s mission to international and domestic experts, donors, and others to recover the upstream water resources by supporting ethnic groups to preserve their heritage and living environment.

Moderator: Mr. Nguyen Duc Tang

Mr. Tăng is now Director of the Center for Research and Promotion of Cultural Heritage (CCH) of Vietnam and SEACHA Director, Vietnam. He holds MA of Science in Museum Studies from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. During 2011-2018, he served as a National Program Officer in Culture at UNESCO Hanoi Office. He is a certified UNESCO trainer for intangible cultural heritage.

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