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The second series of Cha-Time is under the theme of “Traditional Cultural Wisdom for Climate Action”, which we welcome speakers from the next generation of cultural and climate professionals, ages 18-35, whose work, study, or interests focus on cultural heritage and climate resilience.

From increased curiosity in everyday sustainable efforts, buzzing social media posts on sustainability, climate equality, to rising young environmental policy makers – youths are speaking up and things are gearing up for a better future here. The catch? They are looking into how things worked in the good old days where carbon footprints were low and food security was unscathed. These tips & tricks of our Malaysian forefathers are now being reintroduced and have inspired many new developments and sustainability efforts from the youths of Malaysia. These ‘kampong wisdoms’ are a big part of permaculture gardening & natural integrated farming principles, they also inspire green efforts in urban areas including in F&B industries. The urban farming movement is definitely making a mark on shifting towards climate change.

Speaker & Moderator

Speaker: Ms. Au-Diya Abdul

Au-Diya belongs to a small team with different backgrounds who are passionate about sustainable eco-living. With a background in Culinary Arts, Au-Diya takes inspiration to create menus from their edible garden & food forest. She believes that a big part of sustainability lies and relies within ‘slow food’ and tackling food waste; among others. In 2021, Au-Diya won ‘Anugerah Kejiranan Hijau 2021’ (Green Neighborhood Award) organized by Department of Town and Country Planning of Malaysia (PLANMalaysia) in the individual category for her efforts in food forest & edible garden, rainwater harvesting, composting as well as recycling & upcycling within SEEDS Malaysia.

Moderator: Ms. Khoo Salma Nasution

The session will be moderated by Ms. Khoo Salma Nasution, a cultural urbanist, a heritage advocate, an author, a publisher, and a cultural entrepreneur. She plays a very active role in the protection of the George Town World Heritage Site and the biocultural heritage of Penang. Ms. Khoo is the Vice-President of Penang Heritage Trust (PHT), a non- profit non-governmental organization established in 1986, dedicated to promoting the conservation of Penang’s cultural and built heritage. She has been involved with the PHT since 1989 and was its president from 2009 to 2015. She is a Co-Founder of ARECA Books, Founder of Asian Heritage Network and Vice-Chairperson of SEACHA.

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