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Hsipaw was once one of the wealthiest Shan Saopha states, with a rich history in Myanmar. It is a quiet town on the banks of Dutta wadi. Hsipaw has gone through various stages of existence as a settlement as early as the first century AD. The city has moved to three different locations around the same area in its lifetime, with the current settlement built by Saopha Sao Khun Seing after the British annexation of Burma in 1888. When he planned the city, it was meant to emulate Mandalay, including its grid pattern and similar landmark structures. One of the most significant parts in the city plan was its thoughtful approach to its water supply and drainage system for the town and its surroundings that efficiently utilized hilltop water sources before channeling them down towards the river. The waterways irrigate the fields outside of the town and then provide utility water for the town and residences’ use before draining out into the river. This presentation will explain the city’s founder and his successors’ effort in managing water resource.

Speaker & Moderator

Speaker: Ms. Moe Moe Lwin

Trained in architecture and received an M.Sc in Urban Planning from the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok. She practiced as an architect for over 22 years, and has volunteered in professional affairs for nearly 20 years. She is currently the Director of Yangon Heritage Trust, an independent non-profit organization working to promote and protect Yangon’s unique heritage, since it was founded in 2012.  She has been serving as executive member of the Association of Myanmar Architects since 2001 and of the Myanmar Architect Council since 2015. 

Moderator: Ms. Eileen Deeley

Member of ASEAN Connectivity Committee of The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage

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