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Launching SEACHA’s Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Southeast Asian Youth to COP28

21 October

Launching SEACHA’s Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Southeast Asian Youth to COP28


Do you want to make a difference and bring crucial voices to the forefront of climate change?

Then it’s your time to act now!

We at SEACHA are proud to be diversifying the voices of climate action and advocate for Southeast Asian perspectives at the UN Climate Change Conference 2023 (COP28) in Dubai, UAE. The Siam Society/SEACHA has created 5 activities to voice out Southeast Asian perspectives on how cultural wisdom copes with climate change. Participants include senior experts, young activists, and some representatives from ethnic communities. We hope that their voices will attract the highest level of government, media, and scientific attention.

But we want to ensure Southeast Asian youth also have a platform at COP28, and we need your help. With your generosity we will be able to bring 3 more active Southeast Asian youth from Malaysia, Lao PDR, and Singapore to join panel discussions at COP28’s side events. On behalf of our youth speakers, SEACHA has started a crowdfunding campaign on Give.ASIA. Now, we need to raise ฿246,000 to send our youth speakers to COP28! We have 10 days  to make it happen, but are confident that with the help of our community we can make get our youth speakers to Dubai.

Any small donation counts. Whether 200 Baht or 10000 Baht, if we all come together and give what we can, we can bring invaluable Southeast Asian representation to the fight against climate change. Climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge to humanity at the moment, and without Southeast Asian perspectives our home and lands will be left unprotected.

You can find the campaign linked here. Through the website you can donate any amount you choose to fund their travel to COP28. Just click the donate button using Give.Asia’s secure payment system and all proceeds will go directly to get the speakers to COP28. Each donor will receive thank you notes from the speakers and access to a special webinar with the speakers detailing their contributions and reflections upon their return from Dubai.

Please consider donating any amount that you can and sharing with friends to help us win the fight against climate change! Not only will our speakers thank you–so will our earth.