Founding Members

The Heritage Conservation Society of the Philippines

Established: 1999
Type: Non-stock, Non-profit corporation
Chairperson: Dr. Ivan Anthony Henares
President: Mr. Gio Abcede
Address: c/o Prof. Ivan Anthony Henares, Asian Institute of Tourism, Commonwealth Avenue, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Philippines
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

INSTAGRAM: @HeritageConservationSociety


HCS is the prime mover and advocate for the preservation of Philippine built heritage, through advocacy and volunteerism, project implementation, education and information, to contribute toward the establishment of a Society that preserves and values its cultural heritage.

Far from converting anything of our heritage into a museum, the HCS affirms that an efficient 21st century lifestyle can take place in the same urban and architectural envelope created by earlier generations. Built heritage can be recycled for contemporary, adaptive re-use, thereby preserving the cultural charm and traditional character of our cities and towns. Heritage conservation enhances progress and modernization: from urban revitalization and community housing, to the revival of traditional crafts and the stimulation of entrepreneurial activities. It awakens our pride of place, arousing cultural and historical awareness, which often advances cultural tourism.


A Filipino society that values and preserves its cultural heritage in order to instill pride of place and strengthen Philippine national identity.


  • Organizing and conducting lectures, talks and forums
  • Carrying out events to promote greater awareness about heritage
  • Conducting training and workshops for stakeholders
  • Implementing projects such as conservation planning, cultural mapping
  • Participating in government consultations for the development of law and policy on heritage conservation