Founding members

Indonesian Heritage Trust, Bumi Pelestarian Pusaka Indonesia

Established: 2004
Type: Non-profit, non-governmental, socio-cultural organization
President: Dr. Catrini Pratihari Kubontubuh
Executive Director: Mr. M.Hasbiansyah Zulfahri
Address: Jl. Veteran I no 27 Jakarta 10110 Indonesia
Tel: (+6221) 351 11 27
Email: [email protected]
INSTAGRAM: @IndonesianHeritageTrust


Safeguarding the conservation of Indonesian heritage in order to actualize Indonesia as a cultured and dignified society through the records on history, culture, and civilization


(i) Provide inputs and recommendations to stakeholders for development of policies, strategies, programs, guidelines and mechanisms related to conservation;

(ii) Develop heritage conservation capacities, and initiate conservation movements alongside governments, communities, businesses and other relevant institutions

(iii) Build conservation funding scheme through national and international cooperation


  • Celebrating World Heritage Day every April 18th, celebrated globally as the day to appreciate historical sites, monuments, and heritage
  • Organising The Annual Indonesian Heritage Meeting (Temu Pusaka Indonesia) since 2005; an annual gathering between conservation partners from various regions to compare notes and share experiences, challenges, success stories, and discuss future cooperation in conservation efforts
  • Established the Indonesian Heritage Cities Network (JKPI / Jaringan Kota Pusaka Indonesia (JKPI) together with mayors and head of regencies on 2008
  • Heritage Emergency Response: Recovered damaged heritage alongside local and international partners in post-natural disaster circumstances in several Indonesian regions such as Nias, Kotagede, Padang, Bukittinggi and Padang Pariaman
  • Heritage Education: Implemented cultural education in 13 elementary schools at Yogyakarta in collaboration with Erfgoed Nederland and Curriculum Center, Ministry of Education
  • Developed Heritage-App, an application technology for digital Heritage Trail and Tours in 13 cities in Indonesia
  • Collaborated with the Ministry of Public Works since 2012 to implement Heritage City Planning and Conservation Program (Penataan dan Pelestarian Kota Pusaka / P3KP in Indonesia, within 10 pilot cities
  • Improved the qualities ofHeritage Cities based on Creative Economy in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy
  • Implemented National Program for Community Empowerment (Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat / PNPM) in Heritage alongside the Coordinator Ministry of Public Welfare
  • Advocated with Majapahit Conservation Network to safeguard Trowulan heritage site, the ancient capital of Majapahit Kingdom, from planned construction of a steel factory
  • Organised International Conference of National Trusts (ICNT) 2017 in collaboration with International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) and the government of Gianyar Regency as an international event to share experiences and explore the diversity and wealth of heritage, as well as strengthening the global network
  • Organising Bali International Field School for Subak (BIFSS) every year since 2015
  • Developing the Directory of Indonesian Saujana Heritage; a heritage inventory database and documentation as an information center for its members as well as the public especially heritage enthusiasts and practitioners, in order to keep updated on the latest news in the field of conservation
  • Organising a monthly Heritage Talk – Conservation Discussion featuring speakers from various disciplines and countries
  • The Indonesian Heritage Trust has declared 3 charters, which are:
    a. Indonesia Charter for Heritage Conservation, 2003
    b. Indonesia Charter for Heritage Cities Conservation, 2013
    c. Indonesia Charter for Cultural Landscape Heritage Conservation, 2019