ASEAN HERITAGE: Cultural Wisdom for Climate Action

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About the Conference

In devising ethical and sustainable ways of living and building that are rooted in local communities, valuable lessons and resources can be gleaned from our tangible and intangible heritage. Indeed, a holistic understanding of traditional human habitats and lifestyles will unlock a vision of ecological regeneration. Southeast Asian heritage and indigenous traditions uniquely draw on a wealth of local wisdom and endemic biodiversity as successful adaptations to the tropical monsoon climate that have withstood the test of time. Under pressure from climate change and urbanization, our tangible and intangible heritages are at risk of disappearance, damage or losing their contextual significance – hence, the urgency to unlock their secrets, to foster appreciation of their power to combat climate change, and to incorporate them into viable ASEAN climate change strategies.

The Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Alliance (SEACHA) is convening a regional conference entitled “ASEAN HERITAGE: Cultural Wisdom for Climate Action”. The objective of this conference is to explore Southeast Asian cultural heritage as a source of principles, paradigms and strategies for effective and locally based climate action.

Public intellectuals, civil society leaders, and entrepreneurs drawing from multiple disciplines and cultural heritage fields will give presentations, which young leaders will comment on and supplement from their generation’s perspective. At the conclusion of the conference, the panel of youth leaders will summarize the lessons to be drawn from the conference and draw up recommendations for national and regional policy action. Their recommendations will be submitted to national and regional policy levels and will be disseminated to media and the general public to guide and inspire individual and institutional climate action.

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Background and Rationale

The imperatives of climate action demand that we craft local responses towards climate mitigation and climate adaptation. Modern lifestyles and business practices have led to the climate crisis that is our new normal. In order to strengthen community resilience, we need environmentally and climatically appropriate alternatives to the current development trajectories.  We believe in “building a climate resilient future with traditional ways and wisdom”.

Thursday, 12 January:

9:00: Welcoming remarks by the Siam Society President, Opening remarks by the Chairperson of SEACHA
9:05: Keynote speech by distinguished public intellectual in the field of culture and/or climate change
9:35: Keynote speech by ASEAN youth Leader
10:00: Coffee break
10:15: Panel #1: “People and Nature: the Historical and Cultural View”
11:15: Discussion for panel #1
11:35: Q&A for Panel #1
12:15: Lunch
13:15: Youth Presentation 1
14:15: Discussion for Youth Presentation 1
14:30: Q&A for Youth Presentation 1
15:00: Panel #2: “Spiritual Connections to Nature and to Climate Change Action”
16:20: Discussion for Panel #2
16:40: Q&A for Panel #2
17:00: Adjourn

Friday, 13 January:

9:00: Panel #3: “Traditional Stewardship of Natural Resources”
10:40: Coffee Break
11:00: Discussion for Panel #3
11:20: Q&A for Panel #3
12:00: Lunch
13:00: Panel #4: “Urbanization and built environment”
14:00: Discussion for Panel #4
14:20: Q&A for Panel #4
15:00: Coffee Break
15:15: Youth Presentation 2
16:15: Discussion for Youth Presentation 2
16:30: Q&A for Youth Presentation 2
17:00: Adjourn

Saturday, 14 January:

9:00: Panel #5: “Traditional Political/Social Heritage and Climate Resilience”
10:20: Coffee break
10:35: Discussion for Panel #5
11:00: Q&A for Panel #5
12:00: Lunch
13:30: Summary of key findings by a panel of two regional experts and two youth leader moderators who have been moderating the 7 panels
14:15: Audience discussion
14:45: Coffee break
15:00: Conclusions and recommendations by Panel consisting of all youth attendees, moderated by two senior moderators
15:45: Closing remarks
16:00: Conference Ends

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